Why AirVendor

Your Vendors are an extension of you.

Knowing who is in your facility in real-time and whether they are compliant with your access policies is vital to ensuring the safety of your patients and staff, maintaining compliance, and reducing risk. AirVendor is an innovative tool to help you manage your vendor representatives in a cost effective way.

The benefits of AirVendor


You set the credentials, policies, and requirements vendors must adhere to in order to gain access to your facility. Your AV support team then collects, verifies and monitors all documents vendors submit for compliance, giving you peace of mind that everyone on site meets your requirements.


Strong vendor and hospital relationships are critical to achieving an integrated, patient-focused approach to care. Transparency is an essential element in this relationship, with a common goal of best patient outcome.

Real Time Data

Your AirVendor interface allows you to see who is in your facility in real time and whether those reps are compliant with your requirements for entry. The reporting tool allows you to export rep visit history to closely monitor things like rep compliance with your policies, how many reps from Company X visited your site in the last week/month/year, etc.

Reduce Risk

Vendor credentialing ensures company representatives have adequate training from their employers and meet your criteria to conduct business safely within your facility.