Why AirVendor

Your Customers want to think of you as a true partner and an extension of their staff. AirVendor collects, validates, and manages your credentials to facilitate best patient outcomes, improve business practices, and ensure compliance. The AirVendor platform gives your Customers visibility into who is on-site, at all times, and who is cleared for access. Participating in this process is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to the partnership between you and the facilities you do business with.

The benefits of AirVendor


The AirVendor platform provides transparency between you, your organisation and the healthcare facilities you do business with. Strong vendor and hospital relationships are critical to achieving an integrated, patient-focused approach to care.

Real Time Data

Your visit history is viewable on your AV profile. This information can illustrate where you spend the majority of your time, and may set you apart from other vendor representatives when your Customer asks how often you are on site to provide assistance.

Differentiate Yourself

Do you have a theatre background? Are you a veteran in your specialty?

The “About Me” section in your AV profile gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from your peers, and is fully visible to your Customers.

AirVendor University

If your company provides in-depth training that satisfy facility requirements – great! If not, included in your annual subscription fee is access to AirVendor University education modules. This allows you to understand Customer expectations whilst in their facility and ultimately helps put you on a level playing field with other vendors doing business with each facility.