Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirVendor?

AirVendor is a web-based solution helping hospitals and healthcare facilities manage access controls and compliance for vendor representatives. Simply, we are a service hospitals utilise to communicate, and manage compliance with their access policies.

What is Vendor Credentialing?

Vendor Credentialing is the certification process a company representative goes through to gain admittance to a healthcare facility. A credential can include a copy of your driver’s licence to confirm your identity or product training verification from your employer, as examples.

What if you don’t want to register with AirVendor?

It’s your choice, however it’s important to know you’ll be out of compliance with your Customer’s access policy and you may lose access to restricted or patient-sensitive areas within the hospital.

Why do my credentials need to be up to date?

Each hospital determines its access policies and all associated requirements, including how often the policy needs to be renewed. AirVendor has no authority to determine any hospital access policy.

Who has access to my details?

Only authorised users within the hospitals can see your basic profile information, and whether you've registered with their specific facility and been cleared for access.  They have no visibility over the personal details of your credentials, and you can remove yourself from any hospital at any time.  No one inside of your organisation has access to your profile information.

Who has access to my location?

Only authorised users within the facility you’re currently signed into have access to your location when you are in their facility. When you have signed out no one is monitoring your whereabouts.

How do I renew my annual membership?

Your membership will be automatically renewed yearly if you have the auto-renew feature selected in the "My Subscription" tab. If you have selected the manual subscription option in the "My Subscription" tab you will get several reminders as you get close to your annual renewal date to update your subscription.

How do I change my membership plan?

You may change your plan at any time.  Visit the "Your Settings" part of your profile, click on "Subscription" and choose your new plan.

Please note:

When you upgrade your plan, your card on file is charged the difference between your existing membership (taking into account how much of your 12 month membership has already been used) and the new plan selected.

When you downgrade your membership, the unused portion of your previous plan registers as a credit within our system which will be applied at the time of your membership renewal. Any unused portion of that credit will continue to roll forward until the credit has been expired.

May I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time. Please Contact Us and we will action on your behalf.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

No. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy.

What happens if I change employers?

If you change companies, please Contact Us. This will entail creating a new membership profile, we will deactivate old one to prevent any confusion at healthcare facilities about who you work for. With the new membership, as with the original membership, it will be your responsibility to update all employer-related materials; noteworthy items may include your new direct manager contact details and product training verification.

Who is responsible for managing my documents and their expiration dates?

AirVendor manages all documents on your behalf. For example, this includes upcoming credential expiration reminders and notifications when your Customers update/add new policies for you to acknowledge.

How do I view the credentials required by my Customers?

After you add facilities you do business with via the search toolbar in the "Facility Selection" tab of your profile, the required credentials for each facility will automatically populate in the "My Credentials" tab.  You may then upload the requested documents directly into your profile.

How do I sign-in to a Healthcare Facility?

Simply click here to view the "Sign-In Process" outlined at the bottom of the page.

The app isn’t working, what are my options for sign out?

If the app isn't working, a number of possible options may be available to you. If the hospital signed you in via a manned reception desk then that individual can sign you out, you may close an open visit via the "My visit history" link on your main profile page and the system will automatically time you out after twelve hours.

Where are my details stored?

Your details are securely stored in our AWS cloud-based servers in Sydney. All credential data you provide is also securely encrypted both at rest and in flight in our databases, so nobody can see your credential data except for the AirVendor application itself.

Why do I need my location turned on in the app?

Having your location turned on in the app enables you to receive important information about each facility you visit that utilises AirVendor's services (i.e. the quick and easy "sign out" feature).

We do not track, record, or store your location. The only time the app knows where you are is when you are near a healthcare facility that uses AirVendor, in order to send you notification messages.